Food Processing Technology for Value-added Food

Fortified peanut/groundnut butter serves as a solution to malnutrition

Stronger Value Chains to Improve Productivity, Nutrition, Income & Employment

The initiative here is to ensure sustainable access, availability and affordability of value-added products, quality food such as corn flour, corn meal and rice flour, flake barley, granola, cereals and other grains, roll grains for cereal or crack grains for animal feed or make peanut/groundnut butter.

The great majority of Nigerian farmers cultivate plots of land smaller than two hectares (about five acres). The goal of this initiative is to boost food security and the income of small farmers by encouraging them to respond to consumer demand; instead of farmers selling what they produce, they need to produce what they can sell. This market-driven mentality is accelerated through training, access to financing, seeds and fertilizer and improved collaboration among those in the agricultural value chain.

We assist in sourcing grain mill technology that is available to those who are considered to be the rural and urban poor. We source grain mill technology that can mill grain flour and cereal flake, 100% made in USA and highest quality equipment of its kind in the world with Lifetime Warranty that do not need electricity to operate. Due to lack of access and reliability of electricity in the rural communities, a mill that is designed to operate with or without electricity is essential. The main purpose of this initiative is to assure food and nutritional security and alleviate poverty in the rural areas. 

Organic Non-GMO Vitamin Rich All Natural Food Processing Technology

With a population of over 170 million people, the need for charitable work in Nigeria is enormous. According to a World Bank Specialist on Welfare Economics (Professor Foluso Okunmadewa), who stated that Nigeria loses an estimate $1.5 billion from its gross domestic product (GDP) each year due to vitamin and mineral deficiencies.
Despite Nigeria's plentiful agricultural resources and oil wealth, poverty is widespread in the country and has increased since the late 1990s. Some 70 per cent of Nigerians live on less than US$1.25 a day.

Poverty is especially severe in rural areas, where up to 80 per cent of the population lives below the poverty line, and social services and infrastructure are limited. The country's poor rural women and men depend on agriculture for food and income. Forming multipurpose agricultural cooperatives for food processing, packaging and marketing is a right step in the right direction. Love Focus International Association believes that taking this necessary step in assisting local rural communities on how to safely process and package post harvest food into value-added nutritious food products will result in poverty reduction in rural South Eastern States of Nigeria. 

We Target Rural Communities in South Eastern Nigeria

We help source grain milling equipment with exclusive features not found on other mills. Ideal for rural communities that desire to have the top of the line grain mill without electricity and cost of fuel for electric generator. Where electric power can be used if available. Grain milling equipment that is both manual and electric.

Mill that is fully adjustable to allow various types of grinds, from ultra-fine to cracked. Equipment that can be made available to the rural communities through microfinance and equipment leasing. Seminars and training dealing with techniques of organizing and managing value-added food processing, packaging and marketing will be conducted. In addition on how to form multipurpose agricultural cooperatives for individuals in these underserved rural communities.

Sourcing will focus on grain mills that are premium quality, high capacity hand operated and can easily be adapted to powered operation. Nice mills for producing corn flour, corn meal and rice flour.
Flake barley, granola, cereals and other grains, roll grains for cereal or crack grains for animal feed or make peanut/groundnut butter.

Easiest and Fastest Method

In addition, a mill press that can squeeze juice from sorghum, or sugar cane, for use as a 100% natural sweetener.We make it easy through training for rural farmers to utilize equipment.

By strengthening the productivity and output of agricultural value chains, the initiative will increase employment in the sector, the availability of nutritious foods, and the market share of the targeted crops in both domestic and foreign markets. Working to address issues throughout the market system will also support the development of an enabling environment that promotes growth for all actors throughout the system.
We assist rural communities to set up multipurpose agricultural cooperatives for food production and marketing and train rural farmers  on how to safely process and package natural food with appropriate ingredents that would provide proper nutrition to combat malnutrition.

The World Bank feels that only by finding ways to ensure a steady supply of nutritious food for its people,can Nigeria reach its full economic potential. You can donate to support our work, together we can empower the poor rural communities to improve their living conditions.

Variety of Milled Corn Products